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Private School & College Teachers Welfare Association

welcomes all teachers to become members by registering on the portal. Avail the benefits provided by the Association.

PSCTWA is a non-profit organization and it is the largest association of private teachers. The avowed aim of the Association is to help the teaching community to enhance their professional & economic status. In order to help teachers, the Association has waived off its membership fee.

PSCTWA assures that details of the members will be 100% confidential and safe with the Association and it will not be disclosed to other members or school authorities under any circumstances.

Other Facilities

  • Free Membership
  • Free and affordable training programs
  • Free Health check-up programs
  • Life & Medical insurance policies at affordable cost
  • Free entry to various education and training programs
  • Free access to Discussion Forum and relevant E-Content

Employment Guarantee

The registered members of the Association will have access to apply or search for numerous job opportunities as per their qualification and experience. The Association does n0t charge any fee for providing any of these facilities.

The Association also arranges relevant job oriented training programs to assist job seekers.

Teacher Training programmes

In order to compete and excel, students must have access to the latest and most advanced content. This can be made available only if teachers are aware of the continuous developments taking place in the field of education. Professional development of teachers on a continuous basis should be a regular feature if teachers have to upgrade their skills and knowledge and provide quality education to students.

The Association hosts Training Programmes for teachers on a continuous basis as TTW believes that “One Child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” Courses are conducted on a variety of topics like Multiple Intelligences, Engaging Different Types of Learners, Teaching Strategies, Value Education, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset/Fixed Mindset, Questioning Techniques, Twenty-first century skills to name a few.


Teachers need to foster the holistic development of students if they have to become good citizens of the country. The professional development courses aim at enhancing the teachers’ knowledge in all the domains of learning so that they can improve the students’ performance in schools and colleges.

Teacher-learning is a continuous process as it promotes teacher’s knowledge, helps master new skills and develop new proficiencies.

Teachers might have graduated earlier and may not be aware of the latest trends in the field of education. Whether they are new or experienced, teachers have to sharpen their tools of learning if they have to provide quality education to students.

Educators who attend the training programmes are certainly at a position of advantage to bag better teaching opportunities. They update their knowledge and enhance their skills regularly and are ahead of others in a market that is quite crowded.

Training programmes help the teachers to keep in touch with the recent developments and bring a refreshing change in their teaching strategies and classroom management. Students are enthused to learn better when teachers make use of new techniques and the joy of learning is further enhanced in the classrooms. When students are motivated, learning outcomes are met.

Workshops are conducted by experts from the field and participants can learn a whole lot of new things by attending these programmes.

These sessions provide valuable opportunities for the teachers to upgrade themselves.

Attending a workshop to learn the latest skills in specific areas leads to becoming a better teacher. As a trained teacher, you become a valuable resource in your school and you can guide and mentor other teachers in your school.

Teachers attending workshops meet like-minded people. Whether the workshop is in a traditional setting or online, educators can establish new relationships by participating. These can lead to potential job opportunities. Others form collaborative support networks. Either way, these new relationships are a positive factor in a teacher’s career.

This is the prime reason for all the changes and developments in the education system. When teachers learn new skills, students benefit. Teachers who pick up new skills and knowledge bring a higher level of energy into the classroom. They are better prepared to handle challenges and are a lot more confident. This leads to better outcomes for students.

Attending workshops for teachers regularly is a crucial part of a teacher's job. Teachers need to look at these programmes as a wise investment.