Designing Learner-friendly Classrooms

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When the learning environment is positive and supportive, students learn better. 
A learner-friendly environment is able to set clear learning goals and provide strategies to help students succeed. 
There are no quick-fix solutions to creating such an environment. The time invested by the teacher into this important aspect will truly enhance student learning and make it transformational. The New Education Policy describes at length the physical aspects of a classroom and how these can aid learning.
Can such strategies be integrated into the daily instructions that teachers provide to students? How can the environment foster effective learning? Can it transform the everyday experience of the students into a positive occurrence? 
What should the role of a teacher be in creating a good classroom environment? 
Learn the strategies and skills required for creating a great classroom environment.

What You Will Learn:

What is Classroom environment? 
As a teacher, what is your role in creating a learner-friendly environment? 
A classroom is a place where students spend a lot of time, how can you transform it in such a way that students derive maximum effectiveness in instruction. 
Register for this course to know more about the strategies and skills you would require to create a great classroom environment and become a successful teacher.

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